Art, Craft and Design

Exam Board: AQA

GCSE Art, Craft and Design sets out to celebrate and explore the many different facets that this subject can cover.  It allows the student to express themselves in areas such as colour, imagery and pattern and encourages students to develop the independence to do so.

Students must explore and create work associated with areas of study from at least two or more of the disciplines within the subject. Students can develop links to either fine art, graphic design, textiles, 3d art and / or photography.  Skills in objective drawing are developed using a wide range of Media. Students will be asked to support their research by studying the work of other Artists and Crafts People, allowing this to influence the development of their own ideas, leading to a final conclusion.  Skills such as reviewing and refining ideas are taught, encouraging students to explore and experiment with ideas and Materials, building the confidence to try out new ideas.

GCSE Art and Design provides a strong foundation for further study at AS and A-level as well as vocational pathways. To support this progression, the assessment objectives, structure and titles are very similar to those detailed in the A-level Art and Design specification.


Portfolio (60%) and an externally set assignment (40%)