Exam Board: Pearson

Being fluent in other languages is a very important skill to have in today’s society: it broadens your horizons, opens up numerous career and life opportunities and develops your understanding of other cultures and countries.

During the three year course students will master writing, listening and speaking skills whilst studying these topic areas:

Students will be expected to be especially focused and committed as they will be studying this course without prior knowledge (in most cases) compared to German, where students have studied the language for 2 years.

Speaking another language is an asset in all career areas and valued whether you are thinking of going to university; applying for an apprenticeship or haven’t made up your mind yet!

Do you see yourself as part of an international company?

Do you dream of travelling the world?

At Newark Academy the Modern Foreign Languages Department pride themselves on teaching you the essential skills needed to be able to understand and speak another language so that you can gain a valuable life skill and open doors culturally, socially and professionally in the UK and on an international level.

The ability to speak two foreign languages is a qualification which few people can offer, and is a skill which puts you ahead of the competition in any profession and if you choose to go to university, you can combine a language with practically any other subject. There are over 450 available combinations!


100% examination — 25% reading, 25% speaking, 25% listening and 25% writing.