Exam Board: AQA

In History you will cover four exciting and varied topics:

History is full of transferable skills, such as the ability to conduct research using different types of tools, the capacity to be a problem solver, the inspiration to be a creative thinker, an understanding of different people and societies, the skills to argue a case and to express your ideas clearly, essential debating, communication and ICT skills, and additional communication skills, such as negotiating, questioning and summarising.


History has been voted one of the top transferable subjects by Oxbridge universities. Careers include an advertising executive, an accountant, an analyst, an archivist, an archaeologist, a broadcaster, a business professional, an explorer, a diplomat, a campaign worker, a consultant, an editor, a foreign service officer, an intelligence agent, a journalist, a lawyer, a lecturer, a legal assistant, a manager, a politician, a public relations officer, a teacher, a social worker and many more.


100% examination — two exams each worth 50% of overall grade.

Paper 1 – Germany and Conflict and Tension: Inter-War Years 1918-39; Paper 2 – Elizabeth c1568-c1603 and The People’s Health.