Religious Studies

Exam Board: AQA

During the course of the programme we will study the core beliefs and practices of two key religions and then look at ethics and philosophy. Students will take a deep dive into the core beliefs of religion and how that influences theists in their practice. They will also look at key philosophical questions that can been discussed for millennia and start critical assess different points of view. 


We will study; 

Religious Studies is a highly academic subject and one that is beginning to be regarded well within top academic circles and universities. This subject helps students develop an awareness of society, understanding of history and geography, critical thinking skills, a love of learning and philosophy and the ability to assess and make judgements. The subject supports the following careers very well; lawyer, doctor, military, human resources, diplomat, police officer or journalist.  


100% examination — two 1 hour 45 minute papers, each worth 50%. Papers will include multiple choice, long and short answer questions.